The political machine of Putin, Surkov has compared Russia with the USA and France

The political machine of Vladimir Putin is just beginning to gain its momentum. This opinion was voiced by Vladislav Surkov, Russian presidential aide.

Today, February 11, in the newspaper “Nezavisimaya Gazeta” published an article by assistant to the President of Russia “a Long state of Putin”, reports LIGAnews.

Surkov said that the political machine of Vladimir Putin has not yet gained full turn and this can happen even not now, but years from now. As an example, policies led modern France, which still calls itself the Fifth Republic de Gaulle.

Simultaneously, the assistant to the Russian President led a parallel with Turkey, which still relies on the policy of the “Six arrows” of Ataturk. Even the United States still adhere to the values of the “founding fathers”.

Russia is in the understanding of the concept of “Putin’s system of government,” said Surkov.
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