Unnoticed NASA: speed of sound rapidly past the Earth passed the asteroid

In the scientific world was surprised by the fact that the span of the enormous space of the object remained without attention of employees of the space Agency NASA.

It should be noted that the asteroid, dubbed Asteroid 2019 BA5, has a rate 27 times faster sound. According to preliminary calculations, the speed of the cosmic body made of 9.17 km/s. About it reports the edition Liga news Russia.

Many experts emphasized that, in spite of all possible dangers, the asteroid passed earth in a distance of more than 5 million kilometers, which is comparable to 14-times the distance from the Blue planet to the moon. Dimensions aerospace giant was 22-50 meters.

As you know, in the depths of outer space there is a huge number of asteroids that frequently, out of nowhere, flying close to our planet. Due to the outstanding appearance, rapid speed and size of the asteroid, some supporters of the global conspiracy believe that this can be the Shuttle of the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations involved in the study of near-earth space.

First on the moon found fragments of the asteroid age of 4 billion years. Recall that demonstrated the asteroid, which will not leave anything alive on the Blue planet.
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