The United States failed, and Russia has stepped up: Dodon thanked Moscow for the release of pilots from the captivity of Taliban

More than three years, two citizens of Moldova, who worked under contract with the U.S. government in Afghanistan, were held captive by the Taliban.

Washington during this time could do nothing to pilots was released, until it is not Russia intervened, the resource LIGAnews.

On his official page in Facebook Igor Dodon, the President of Moldova, expressed gratitude to Oleg Vasnetsov, the Russian Ambassador in Chisinau, for Moscow’s help in such a difficult matter.

Dodon stressed that a true friend “a friend in need”. President of Moldova Mihai Ghimpu said that the Moldovan Mi-17 helicopter was shot down by the Taliban (members of the Taliban movement, which is banned in Russia) in the district of Faryab. On Board were 18 passengers and three crew members from Russia (Oleg Thunderstorm, Lionel Buruiana and Mihai Crihan). Intelligence agencies of Afghanistan found the bodies of four people, including a Thunderstorm.

The militants demanded from the government of Moldova 35 million dollars. Washington and Chisinau are unable to release the hostages.

Only with the direct participation of Russia of the hostages managed to be released and now they are on treatment in Moscow.
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