Conway’s absence at his friend’s marriage in SA proved blessings in disguise

New Zealand's top order batsman Devon Conway's last three T-20 innings (one against Australia in the international match, where as two -playing for Wellington  against Canterburry and Auckland) have yielded 99*, 93* and 91* runs.

The 29-year old Conway, however, had made a wise decision not to attended his friend's wedding in South Africa, according to his club coach.   

"He was due to attend a wedding in South Africa late March last year just when Covid had hit NZ shores. He made the wise decision to stay in NZ and miss his friend's wedding. If he had gone he may have struggled to get back into NZ as the country went into lockdown and closed the borders. There has been many challenges for people returning back to NZ and he may have got stuck in South Africa as many other people have been around the world",  Glenn Pocknll, his coach at the Wellington said over the telephone.  

"As much as it would have been great to get a century knowing Devon he would have been more focused on the team winning the match. 99 not out he will take any day of the week I’m sure".

"It’s no surprise he has shown his class at International level as he’s shown it domestically with Wellington for close to 4 years now where he been the standout batsman comfortably", the coach added.  

"It’s great to see success for someone who has made it through perseverance and hard work".

Devon Conway came to NZ with little money and no guarantees and has forged a career and bright future for himself as a cricketer.

Strangely Conway went unsold at his base price of INR 50 lakh at the recent IPL 2021 auction.


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