“Roll” to the left

As suggested by the consultant Adam green, co-founder of the Progressive Change Committee, the Democratic party will increasingly insist on changes, which were previously supported only by the liberals.

A few years ago, when the President was a Democrat, had to sign a compromise agreement with the Republicans for the reduction in the funding for Social Security and not increase for the rich and corporations taxes, the proceeds of which go to the programme. Barack Obama in his budget plan called for the higher taxes and reduced payments for Social Security and Medicare. Fortunately, to the practical implementation of such a proposal it never came, but the Democrats failed to insist on. And the fact that more and more politicians advocate the modernization of Social Security, demonstrates that the party takes on this issue is not centrist, and more liberal position.

Democrats all the negative attitude towards the activities of corporations, and it is also a sign of changes in the ideology of the party, which previously were often criticized for the fact that its members accept the generous donations from American companies.

In the current year, many candidates refused the money and from contributions by “political action committees”, focusing on small sponsors transferring funds via platforms such as, in particular, Act Blue. And green does not exclude that this trend will lead eventually to reform of campaign Finance, after which a crucial role will play the sympathy of the common people. However, he did not believe that the election results say that now the main force in the party became the liberals. But we can assume that these representatives, as Alexandria, Ocasio Cortes from new York, will be able to become members of the house of representatives to play a more active role, including in the promotion of initiatives such as “Medicare for all”.

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