In the United States wondering, “has Anyone seen the dying Russian?”

In the United States is gaining popularity video about the “zagovornik” steelworker who have touched hot metal and have not received burns.

The top topic in the us media – steelworker bare hand touches the red-hot liquid metal without getting any burns. How is this possible? The user of the website Reddit with nick The_noble_milkman published the corresponding gif image. Your post the author called”has Anyone seen die Russian?”.

During the day it has collected more than 50 thousand of approvals and almost 1.6 thousand reviews. Some readers Express surprise, admiration for others, and the third one struck, how can we be in such a situation unharmed.

Americans still confused as ever. In fact, neither Russian nor the Russian hero of the movie is irrelevant. And the video, as they say, not the first freshness. In reality, a hero of the movie is the Armenian metallurg Arkady Mgdesyan of Alaverdi. Full version trick steelworker laid out in 2016.

In addition, none of the subscribers could not guess the secret of the trick. And he is the Leidenfrost effect, in which the fluid in contact with the body, significantly hotter than its boiling point, creates an insulating vapor layer and protects from the rapid boiling. This pairs and capable of a fraction of a second to protect your skin from burns. But of seeing a movie there was not a single inquisitive, “to get” to the truth.
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