De Blasio travels to new Hampshire to meet with community members

This Thursday, 14 February, new York mayor bill de Blasio will visit Harvard school. Kennedy, and then travel to Nashua (new Hampshire). There he will meet with his counterpart Jim Concessum, and after that, you may communicate in one of the eateries with residents.

About this, citing its sources, reported in the journal Рolitico came to the conclusion that De Blasio is preparing to announce its participation in the presidential race of 2020.

De Blasio in new Hampshire may declare the participation in Elections 2020

Mike Kaska, Director of communications for city hall, confirmed Рolitico the fact of the trip, leaving the conclusions of the publication without comment.

Also, according to Рolitico, on Friday, De Blasio will travel to Concord, where he will meet with community leaders. Together with the mayor in new Hampshire go his aides, whose identity has strengthened the assumption of journalists:

  • Mike Kaska had previously worked on the campaign for Bernie Sanders in 2016.
  • Jacqueline Rothenberg and John Paul Lupo also have experience vedetion national political campaigns.

The mayor of new York has repeatedly declared that does not exclude the possibility of his participation in the presidential race long ago and is looking for a national platform. But it discouraged the officials of the city hall. In an interview with reporters on condition of anonymity, they said that it will cause a surge of negativity in the media and hurt the mayor in his current job. In 2016, De Blasio was also going to nominate his candidacy for President, but did not consider all the organizational issues and in the end supported Hillary Clinton. However, later criticized it as insufficiently left.

Now in his speeches and decisions as mayor of new York De Blasio has positioned himself as a Democrat, a socialist and almost a progressive. In his Arsenal — freeze for 2 years tariffs on housing, innovation in paid sick leave. Among the significant initiatives — NYC Care, pension funds for low-income workers.

Рolitico in any case, already sketched abstract possible attacks on candidate De Blasio. His job as mayor of metropolis will allow opponents to portray him as a weak Manager that despite the plan for affordable housing, the city remains too expensive for many of its inhabitants. The number of homeless people during the reign of De Blasio increased, and the Housing authority in new York was in such a difficult situation that was initiated by Federal monitoring. Remember the mayor is also a problem with MTA and during each snow storm.

Newspaper NYpost appealed to Fairness PAC, working for De Blasio, asking why they hired the Aisle 518 Strategies — a large consulting organization, worked with Sanders on the election in 2016 is whether this organizational preparations for the election in 2020. Response journalists received. However, an informed source from among the Democrats of Iowa, denied that recruitment of this structure. Earlier, in January, the company’s founder Tim Tagaris, Director of digital technologies first presidential campaign, Sanders said he plans to work for another candidate.

Recall that in the January Quinnipiac poll, the purpose of which was to establish the level of support for potential presidential candidates, 1st place new Yorkers gave former mayor Michael Bloomberg, the 2nd took the state’s current Governor Andrew Cuomo. De Blasio received only 5% less than Ocasio-Cortez.

De Blasio will travel to new Hampshire to meet with the residents and, perhaps, announce participation in the elections-2020 updated: Feb 14, 2019 author: Alexander Brezhnev

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