A resident of new Jersey met on February 14 with a woman, who gave him his son’s heart

“I really feel it”, — said Donna Kent, touching the chest 58-year-old Sean Moynihan, a former paramedic from new Jersey. He went in Florida on February 14 to meet the mother who donated him the heart of his dead son.

Sandor Szabo was only 35 years old when, in August of 2018, he was attacked in long island city (new York). The man fell and hit his head on the pavement, having irreversible brain damage.

Jill, the wife of Sean cried in front of Donna and Kent, but the woman said “no regrets”. “It’s good that even after the death of my son was able to help someone”, — said Donna.

“When I woke up after surgery, I immediately felt different”, — told PIX11 Sean Moynihan.

Valentine’s Day Sean and Jill, the parents of 2 children, gave the mother of the deceased Sandora special Teddy bear with heart paws and a recording of the beating heart Sandora inside.

Donna Kent brought the bear to his ear, and wept.

Source: Screenshot/Pix11

Brother of the deceased, Dominic, took a stethoscope to hear the heart of Sandor, now beating in the chest of Sean Moynihan.

“He was strong and active”, said Dominic.

Sandor Szabo gave former paramedic perfectly healthy heart. “It was a perfect match, ‘said Moynihan. — I can now drink much less medication. I don’t feel any side effects”.

Jill and Sean Moynihan plan to spend with your family Donna Kent for a few days and to take part in commemoration ceremonies to honor the memory of Sandor.

Valentine’s Day mother overheard the beating heart of her dead son updated: Feb 15, 2019 author: Alina Dykman
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