It is simply impossible: the expert of the main weaknesses of the United European army in the confrontation with Russia

If a serious conflict between Russia and Europe, who will be able to lead the army, consisting of 28 Nations and speaking in 24 languages?

This question was asked military experts from the analytical edition of the National Interest, the resource LIGAnews.

To create a unified European army – utopia, said Michael Peck, journalist of the analytical publications. However, he says that in countries such as Norway and Greece all different ideas about what ideals they should fight.

Europe can boast such unity, which is Russia and the United States. The EU is not a full-fledged “United States”, but rather, the economic bloc. The journalist recalled that in the UK rejected the idea of creating a European army, as a counterbalance to NATO.

Because of its history and the pride of many European countries want to keep their army. Moreover, the maintenance of such an army will need additional resources and finances.
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