What is a woman’s place in the Marvel universe?

It was television all along.

In Friday’s penultimate episode of WandaVision, Wanda Maximoff excavates her memory with the witch Agatha Harkness to discover how she ended up living with Vision, who is supposed to be dead, inside of the “Hex,” Wanda’s self-created world inspired by classic sitcoms. It turns out that Wanda, like many Eastern Europeans, grew up on a robust diet of American television shows. Much later, in a burst of unimaginable grief after seeing Director Hayward dismantling Vision’s body, she unknowingly creates a “perfect” world around her inspired by her favorite shows — a feat of magic so incredible that, for the first time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Agatha uses the name “the Scarlet Witch” to identify Wanda.


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