And Lenin is not dead, the Communist Priapus!

Professor Hasan Huseynov about the secrets of “innolume”, language “Communist Priapus” and today’s media.

Of course, to say that, they say, each generation has its own language, does not. People learn from their parents and other adults, read everything, then you start to learn a new language and have their own children. What’s the language of our generation. All mixed gradually, very slowly. Except that the turnover of what, two or three word, and also the total all. But there is historical and focuses. For example, Lenin. It would seem that between 1970 and 1990, my generation, born in the mid-20th century, so that Lenin ad nauseam was overfed from each iron light image winked. How many jokes about the leader of the milled tongues and teeth. It would seem that the final joke that was supposed to kill the cult leader, only seven years Verkhovtsevo in Russia from 1917 to 1924. From a triple bed “Lenin with us” to sponge “to Lenin places” and cognac “Lenin in flood”. Why throughout Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union to the West and South-West of Minsk and Bryansk, but that even in Kyiv, where according to Putin, the same people live, has been successfully Leninopad, and Russia is our Communist Priapus, with the same sense of urgency ohazhivat-agolive his ex-girlfriend Russia, even though dead? Here’s how?

The reasons are many, but there is one particularly important. Philological and poetic. When Lenin still died on 21 January 1924, unprecedented passed through the land, a poetic cry. There is not only Mayakovsky, say, or H. G. wells with John reed invested. Still, it’s unheard of business was to knock over the king, the Russian Empire start spraying, to announce to the common people, the poorest of humanity the winner in the war with the capital with the rich, the priests, burmanization. How powerful, beautifully heard this music! And there was another little thing. Another melos invisible. Poets and scientists undertook the study of the language of the leader. Alexei Kruchenykh wrote a whole book on techniques of Leninist propaganda. From 1925 to 1936 there were books, studied the treatment of Lenin with children. “Lenin and children” was the title of one. “Lenin on language and the language of Lenin” — different. The futurists and formalists reached deep under the overcoat of the founders of the Soviet state. Believe in the truth of the cook that can manage this state. However, after 1938, all these delights are language over. The heritage of the greatest genius supposed to harden, armorel, obrazovati, because it was replaced by a much more simple language, comrade Stalin — language “history of the CPSU(Bolsheviks), short course”. Thirty years the language of Lenin studied, and quietly prayed to every comma. And in this prayer held for thirty years until the death of Stalin. Just a generation. “Stalin — the Lenin of today!” This slogan has warmed, Moscati the whole country. And then, thirty years after the death of Stalin, was praying.

And Stalin the time and with the theory of language bloat the hell. Released before his death, the essay “Marxism and problems of linguistics”. No one can answer this outrage could not. And he bald what the hell is he? We are materialists. The honest answer is this — lay yourself in the mausoleum of the grandfather Lenin. Just lay there in silence. While next to him, comrade Stalin, for nine years a long put. Let the private sarcophagine.

And while they lay, clocked official Soviet ideology of the new dumplings. They say that Lenin was a good and humane, but Stalin ruined everything and debased. Lenin taught the party, was a humanist, and Stalin, they say, went to a terrible warp straight party line. Lenin built a state of free peoples, and Stalin turned it into a prison of Nations. Comrade Zeitlin during the thaw even wrote a book “the Style of Lenin-publicist”. In 1969, just in time for the centenary of Lukic, it was released. But it was too late. These Stalinist-Leninist dumplings two generations fed. Only two writers — one Soviet official and the other a postmodernist anti-Soviet in the 1970s began to look at Lenin. And at first, Vladimir Soloukhin, a monarchist, and the earthy, wrote “Reading Lenin”, and then, by the end of the 1980s, and Venedikt Erofeev — “My little Leniniana”.

Read two word-painter complete works of the leader, and found that it was easier for Stalin. As evidenced comrade Molotov in conversations with Felix Chuyev, and tougher, much tougher. Because of the simple, everyday human sense, not as a statesman but as a man among men, was comrade Lenin a cannibal and a murderer. And the mass destruction of the people of the USSR, who then ran comrade Stalin, from the first word to the last was ordered by Lenin-Lukic. He had, of course, our beard, and other properties. Expected and the state, and in personnel management is understood and loved music, especially the Beethoven companion. But here is the correct way gang still did not know. If the afterlife really existed, he would have found the opportunity to send out a little note with surprise: “why, my? How could you let that sthane winning Oktyabrya, after several decades of postroeniya sovershennogo society, the power in Thane gabcik and Chistian captured the intelligentsia? This is now the KGB wage? Where smothely gaboon-krestianskaia on? We geogenically of Gachin?!”

But the afterlife realm, probably not, and cannibalistic feather our Priapus is silent. Only his bald head slowly consume their fans at the squares and intersections — tiflisi on October square in Moscow, in syphilitic modesty — on the red square. Well the people of Kiev — they cut off these heads mushroom.

And what about our best-read people in the world? Why not listen to the bright talents of Vladimir Soloukhin and Venedikt Erofeev? Why still believes Lenin? Yes, because people like Lenin’s attitude to smart, to the intelligentsia. “Intelligentsia thinks she’s the brain of the nation, wrote comrade Lenin, and in fact it is — shit.” Believe it everything. The whole philosophy of Lenin — this stunning, pardon the expression, the performative. Mayakovsky and Kruchenykh to soloukhina and Erofeeva — penetrated Russian poets in the essence of the great achievements of Lenin and of Priapus: what would not touch, this is the oldest robber of the pen and the beaters, all sprouting toadstools but mushrooms. It would seem that already and Sergey Kuryokhin straight into the TV explained our goat tribe, they say, guys, atas — a mushroom that was mushroom!

But not in the horse feed. Still a mystery feeds the post-Soviet leninabadi humanity. Twelve years ago the journal of the Moscow Times printed a marvelous interview with the academic Secretary of the “Dictionary of the language of Lenin”, which said two amazing things. It turns out that the dictionary Lenin almost twice as rich vocabulary of Pushkin. 37 thousand to 21 thousand. But to produce mnogotomnym party censorship is not allowed. Because the first numbered it would be the word “abortion.” What a shot from our universal grandfather! A blow to the entire international Communist and labor movement! It would seem, well what did it cost Lukic in some overlooked the little note to comrade Uritsky or comrade Dzerzhinsky to write: “On boarding!” But he didn’t, dummy lustful. And now, at the 95th dies again, and death it all is interrupted at the most interesting place.

I can not Wake up the media Leninist language — still raving — who is the cook at the head of state, who is a classless society, who are the great Soviet Union, and some indomitable Egyptian force of our beloved friend Eldyrina.
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