Resourceful animal helped archaeologists unearth a treasure trove the reign of the Golden Horde

The inhabitants of the Astrakhan region, was discouraged by the resourcefulness furry animal.

As was found in the vicinity of the Selitrennoe settlement representatives of the research world, studying ancient artifacts, unearthed the treasures of the times of the reign of the Golden Horde. About it reports the edition Liga news Russia.

First of Orenburg archaeologists have unearthed the helmet of a warrior of the Golden Horde.

It should be noted that the treasure consists of about 160 silver coins, dated to the XIII-XV centuries. Notable was the fact that helped to identify the finds gopher. As noted by the archaeologists, the animal simply decided to dig a hole in the place where it was revealed the old currency. Is not excluded that such valuable artifacts interfere with the furry animal to dig their own shelter, so the party has just scooped up the coins at the feet of the researchers.

Seeing the coins, the scientists immediately began excavations. After some time, experts have unearthed another 150 coins. Archaeologists have suggested that initially the above-mentioned treasure was in the bag, but over time succumbed to decay. The above findings will provide an opportunity for scientists to understand the technology of minting coins in the middle Ages and a thorough study of the system of money circulation of the Golden Horde.
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