Pompeo and foreign Minister of Hungary disagreed with “the discussion” Russia – there was a “quarrel”

Representatives of the countries tried to discuss the situation with Russia, but everyone had an opinion on it.

Monday, 11 February, U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo during his visit to Hungary, said that Budapest needs to work hard to ensure that Russia has failed to create tension between the countries of the West. However, foreign Minister Peter Siyyarto called Russia’s criticism of hypocrisy. It is reported by “League news Russia”.

So, Pompeo during a press conference urged not to give Russia to “drive a wedge” between the Western countries and partners in NATO.

In turn, the foreign Minister of Hungary péter Szijjártó expressed a different view, noting that criticism of Russia is a “great hypocrisy.”

According to Bloomberg, Szijjártó also said that Washington could count on Hungary as a reliable NATO ally. He also said that “Hungary is ready to sign the agreement in the defence field with the United States” and declared that Hungary is negotiating the purchase of American military equipment.

The Agency also informs that the sides discussed the relations of Budapest with Russia and China.

Currently Pompeo is on his first official visit in Budapest.

According to the Ministry of defense of Ukraine, the training will mainly take place in the North-Western part of the Black sea’s objectives according to NATO standards.

The exact launch date of exercise not yet released 11 February will be the main planning conference of the exercise.

In addition, more than three years, two citizens of Moldova, who worked under contract with the U.S. government in Afghanistan, were held captive by the Taliban.

Washington during this time could do nothing to pilots was released, until it is not Russia intervened.
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