Glushakov had threatened to kill his wife – audio

Famous football player of “Spartak” continues the proceedings with his ex-wife. This time it went too far.

Wife of Russian footballer Denis Glushakov Daria went to the police, because he fears for his life. According to her, the infamous athlete threatened to kill her. The woman provided the recording of these threats, reports LigaNews c the reference to “”.

On audio is heard, as Denis Glushakov wife threatens ties in the state Duma and promised that she would not be living neither in Moscow nor anywhere else. However, a significant part of the words obscene, so not all of them can quote no loss of meaning because of the abundance of the Mat.

“I first was moving day is when uncle died * * * and the second is that you ***,” said Glushakov in conversation with his wife.

“I promise you that! You life will not be in Moscow ***, and in General your life will not, you *** will***”, he added.

Glushakov accused wife of cheating and wrote a statement to the police. Before that, he allegedly took from her account 300 million. Cause family conflict was a betrayal of the player in September.

As previously reported LigaNews, the player is threatened with jail: Glushakov brought money in the amount of 300 million rubles. It was also reported that Glushakov even under the threat of jail continues to “confiscate” children of his wife.
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