Famous Sweethearts will not be sold for Valentine’s Day for the first time in 117 years

For the first time since 1902 on the eve of Valentine’s Day on the shelves will not appear the legendary candy Be Mine, Cutie Pie and Sweetheart.

Candy hearts with cute messages, which melted the hearts of all Americans, confectionery company Necco produces more than 100 years. Annually produces about 8 billion Sweethearts packages, and all the games were sold 6 weeks prior to Valentine’s Day, reports the CandyStore.

Brand Sweethearts took about 80% of the market of products for Valentine’s Day, the annual revenue was about $19 million “Talking” hearts even replaced the chocolate boxes in the shape of a heart, which the last 2 years was the best-selling Americans a treat for Valentine’s Day.

However, after July 2018 Necco things went bad: the manufacturer declared bankruptcy. Company Spangler Cand Necco bought it in September, but it was too late to prepare new stocks of chocolate hearts for the holiday of lovers. Production of chocolates will resume soon, and in 2020 the legendary candy reappear in stores.

What are the candy hearts you can buy in 2019?

“Speaking of the” heart offer a few manufacturers. Here is a short list:

Brach”s Tiny Conversation Hearts

Brach”s produces candy Tiny Conversation Heart with a Flirty inscriptions (Crazy 4 U and One & Only), as well as the candy Heart Sugar Cookies and pastries Conversation Heart Whoopie Pies.

Sour Patch Kids Candy Conversation Hearts

A little sour, but the kids love them.

Scripture Candy Conversation Hearts

Candy with inscriptions from the Bible — Yes, you read that right! The company produces “talking” hearts for the believers. Inside each bag is a verse from the Holy Scriptures, the famous dictum of St. John about love and lots of chocolate hearts with the words: “God Loves You”, “Praise God”, “Faith, Hope, Love”.

Nota bene! If the store you suddenly come across the original chocolates Sweetheart, please note: the product was manufactured before July of 2018!

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What to replace candy hearts Sweethearts Valentine’s Day updated: January 25, 2019 author: Maria Lysenko
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