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To the minimum wage rate increased to $ 15 per hour, expressed 55% of survey participants Hill-HarrisX, and another 27% also believe that it should be increased at the Federal level, but not as significantly.

In addition, 14% of respondents believe that it should be left without changes ($7.25 per hour), and 5% to argue for its reduction or even abolition. Democrats in Congress and previously advocated for a rate hike, but their attempts were blocked by the Republicans. But now the house of representatives has all the chances to pass a bill Raise the Wage Act, developed by Bobby Scott from Virginia, and providing for a gradual increase of the minimal wage to $ 15 by 2024. A similar proposal was put forward and Senator Bernie Sanders.

According to the survey, even among voters-Republicans 70% in favor of increasing the Federal rate, and 36% believe that it should be raised to 15 dollars an hour. This increase is also supported by 73% of Democrats and 53% independent. In addition, such a move has been the majority in all demographic groups and regions except the Midwest, where 48% believe that the hourly rate should be $ 15, but 32% believe that it is too much.
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