The giant cat was taken from the orphanage to lose weight

The couple took a 15-pound cat whose former owner fed the wrong food.

Americans Mike Wilson and Megan Hanneman decided to take a cat and went to the shelter. Returned home with a new pet, but still some. It was not just a cat, and a giant cat weighing 17 kilograms. In the shelter, the fat man came after the death of the owner, who apparently fed him the wrong food.

They decided to help the redhead to lose weight and be happy. The powder name is Brosnan. The vet painted a special diet and warned that fat cats should lose weight slowly, otherwise will deny the liver.

Another singularity of six “fingers” on the feet. Have to make some tweaks to make to move unwieldy Brosnan. Megan puts the bowl with the food in different angles, motivating to outdoor games.

The cat has its own page in Instagram, and 13 thousand subscribers watch its successes in the field of weight loss. Anyway, the toast is on his way up to the second floor, or rather crawls, writes “Ridus”.
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