Revolt Caribbean: Haiti requests assistance to sovereign countries

I think TVs in Haiti is. And if the inhabitants of the former French colony, passed under the occupation of the United States, asking Venezuela to see how poorly they live, Washington has a big problem.

Three countries asked the inhabitants of the island led some Bronson: Russia, China, Venezuela. Three independent countries, where first two are self-sufficient, to be sovereign, and the third is all the forces committed to it, despite the threat of American-European military intervention.

With regards to the mention of Venezuela: “We want to say about the final rupture with the United States, we’ve had enough of American occupation, we can’t do this anymore“, is the appeal in the first place, the Venezuelan people: look how we live! You will be the same, if we allow the Americans to put Guido the head of state! But Haiti, the reader, one of the poorest countries in the world; according to some estimates, lagging in 15-m the top ten by GDP (2018) and 14th in the HDI (2018), where exports less than $1 billion, and imports about $3.7 billion In Venezuela too, not all good, however, objective indicators of the country lives by orders of magnitude more stable and better fed than the Haitians.

Referred to as AFP demonstrators slogans “Down with the Americans! Long live Putin!” they say one thing: look to Russia as the last hope, the Savior of the Americans in General and the political and economic crisis in particular. After all, the Haitians will surely not forget who within 12 hours of organized humanitarian air corridors in 2010-m to year in the earthquake devastated Port-AU-Prince, and who was sent to 5,700 soldiers and Marines. The late Hugo Chavez, peace be upon him, said that it is a natural hidden occupation; he was supported by France and Brazil.

Now, of course, there are numerous tales about the “Hand of Kremlin”, provoking anti-American speech. However, this traditional mechanism of demonizing Russia, so will not dwell.

Whether this speech can serve as the impetus for the universal revolt against the Yankees the Caribbean? Very likely, “Heil likli” as they say Russian partners are sworn. There are still resisting the sanctions and dictates of Washington of Cuba. There is Puerto Rico, it is the Sovereign state of Borinquen, whose representatives were in 2016-m to year at the Moscow forum “Dialogue of Nations”, where carefully studied the experience of the Crimean referendum. Kept Nicolas Maduro. Honduran refugees crammed in the United States that inspired the President of trump on the state of emergency on the border with Mexico (de facto, he just wants the money on the wall, price – $8 billion, but who’s going to go into such details?).

Sooner or later, the start is, so why not now when the US is weakened by internal crisis, in addition to financial (external and internal debt of the country, the world and citizens of the country) and foreign policy, which generally puts the world on the brink of war? The US now has no strength to solve even the Venezuelan problem, not to mention the Syrian and Afghan. So the movement for independence from Washington has good prospects. Painfully moment.

Valery Usachev, especially for News Front
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