“As Lenin said”: the Moldavian party “shore” begins election campaign

In Moldova, the ongoing electoral campaign for parliamentary elections to be held on February 24. Judging by the results of the IRI poll, in the electoral body of the country can pass five political parties. One of them, a party of the “shore”, some analysts suspect’s close ties with the leader of the ruling Democratic party of Moldova Vlad Plahotniuc.

Another political party with a realistic chance to overcome the election threshold entered in the race. Party “shore” presented its priorities at the national forum party, which was held on Sunday, 3 February.

Under the slogan “For the people” 31-year-old businessman with a dubious reputation Ilan Shor (husband Russian singer Jasmine), made a number of grandiose promises.

According to him, the main task of the party is “an immediate revival of the Republic of Moldova”.

Ilan Shor: “As Lenin said, yesterday was early, tomorrow will be too late, we must act today. We have proved that we can rebuild our country.”

In the local elections of 2014 Ilan Shor became mayor of Orhei, 40 kilometers from the capital. During this time, the businessman has opened a network of social shops that offer products at reduced prices, organized free transport for socially vulnerable segments of the society, and to new year’s celebrations have opened a free amusement Park “Orheiland”. “Today Orhei is an example for the whole country,” said shore.

After coming to power, the businessman promises to build a modern farms, and to replenish the state budget.

Ilan Shor: “We will introduce a state monopoly on major profitable businesses in the country: the import of alcoholic beverages, import tobacco products, petroleum imports — this measure in a few months will at times increase our budget. We will begin immediate recovery of the industry of our country, state factories and enterprises. We will immediately begin to restore the economy of our villages through the construction of a modern, collective farms”.

Party “shore” positions itself as a Pro-Moldova formation. “I never built in Orhei Europe, I always built in Orhei Moldova”, — said the politician. “We’ve got to prove to people that we do without the West and East, able to build their country.”

He sees himself as Prime Minister — Prime Minister promises in the first place “to suspend for three years all international travel” to “stop wasting money on empty trips about anything.”

In addition, earlier the politician promised that on coming to power, to impose criminal penalties for failure to fulfill campaign promises.

We will remind, in June of 2017, the court sentenced Ilan Shor to seven and a half years in prison on charges of stealing billions of dollars from three Moldovan banks. Shore was convicted of causing damage on an especially large scale through deception or abuse of trust. Also, shore was convicted of money laundering in especially large sizes. Now it is Shor in the Appeals chamber. To final verdict the court of first instance dismissed the shore to freedom under judicial control.

In comments to RFI research associate, Center for political studies at the German University “Justus Liebig” Dionis Cenusa said that, in his opinion, Ilan Shor is a convenient tool of the ruling Democrat party and its Chairman Vlad Plahotniuc.

Dionis Cenusa: “the Relationship between PDM and Ilan Shor can be seen in the scandal surrounding the theft of the billion. Enough to pay attention to how this case is being investigated. The Democrats are using it as a blackmailing person. Not to be behind bars, shore should play in the election over the democratic party”.

According to the analyst, the goal of the Democrats — “create in Parliament as many of its allies and to reduce the rating of the party of socialists.

Dionis Cenusa: “In the past, when the Democrats needed political support, they have reached with the socialists with a different agreement. But in Parliament they do not need a strong party of socialists, which is controlled by the President. So, from a political point of view, the mission of the shore — to weaken the party of socialists”.

It is noteworthy that since the election campaign Ilan Shor from accusations of Pro-European opposition switched to attacks in the address of the President. At a press conference on Monday, February 4, the young politician said that the President threatened his family. “At his request, his political supervisors and the FSB will organize these problems, opening up to me and my family a flimsy business in Russia”, — he stated.

In his opinion, therefore, the head of state is trying to push to party “shore” has refused from participation in elections. “For me it is strange that he personally threatened me and my family, given the good relationship that binds us to this,” the businessman told reporters.

Ilan Shor: “I did he always helped, he not once at my expense attended including Moscow. Used my plane, my cars, my house. I, also, at the time, had previously Dodon substantial financial support, and in his two election campaigns. I brought this bag, in it lay a lot of things, personally I got Igor Dodon”.

Making the announcement, Ilan Shor showed reporters a black travel bag. The President has been silent on the accusations Ilan Shor and so far no comments on this matter did not.

Meanwhile, the American Republican Institute (IRI) has published the latest poll. According to its results the Parliament pass the same four parties: the ruling of the democratic party (PDM) and socialists (psrm), and extra-parliamentary formation of “Action and solidarity” (PAS) and “virtue and truth” (DA). Party “shore” has improved its position in comparison with the October survey, IRI and closer to the electoral threshold of 6%.

So, according to the study, in the next elections psrm would garner 39% of the votes, Democrats would get 14%, PAS — 13%, DA 9%. The party of “shore” would get 5% of the vote.

IRI survey was conducted between 5 and 16 January among the 1226 respondents. Its margin of error is ±2.8 per cent.
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