All machines fail at the moment: scientists have told, why do not want NASA to explore Venus

Experts have lamented the fact that in recent time, astronomers forgot about the study of Venus.

Initially, there was speculation that the aforementioned planet was a copy of the globe. However, after some time, it was found that Venus is unsuitable for colonization because it has a surface temperature of about 500 °C, and also has compounds of carbon dioxide and nitrogen. About it reports the edition Liga news Russia.

First it was reported that Venus may be a prerequisite to powerful tremors on the Ground.

Therefore, the air sulfur dioxide, which is extracted Venusian volcanoes. In addition, the wind speed on Venus reaches up to exorbitant figures. One of the first who wished to learn about this planet, at least any information, were Soviet scientists. These experts launched a sister Land two cosmozone, which suddenly interrupted the connection due to a strong pressure on the object.

Even the third device, with more modern equipment, worked for only 20 minutes. It should be noted that even in the American space Agency NASA still rely on the Soviet scientists, as the mission to Venus is a very unprofitable exercise.
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