To the Caribbean coast: France started sailing regatta “Rum road”

Sunday, November 4, France started the 11th transatlantic race yachtsmen-single “Rum road” (Route du Rhum). The regatta is held every four years, and this year it will be joined by a record number of boaters — 123 skipper will sail from the Breton city of Saint-Malo to the coast of Guadeloupe.

His appearance “Rum road” shall a member of the National yacht club of France, Florent de Kertosono and the head of the Association of sugar producers and Caribbean rum Bernard Assu. In 1975 they had the idea to organize a regatta route, which followed the ships with Caribbean rum, from a city called Pointe-a-Pitre in Guadeloupe to Saint-Malo. At that time, sales of rum had fallen, and they hoped that the exciting spectacle will help again to make this drink popular. For help in the organization it was decided to apply to theater arts Michel Etienne, but he did not appreciate the idea.

The idea of “Rum journey” would have been forgotten if a year later — in 1976 — the organizers of other international transatlantic race the Ostar single decided to limit the options for participating yachts. The fact that in the Ostar was attended by two French skipper on yachts in length 133 and 262 ft. Both athletes have experienced technical difficulties during the regatta and are unable to show any outstanding results. Race organizers wondered whether it is necessary to prevent competition such large ships, and decided yachts over 56 feet not to register.

The new rules angered the French, and de Kersauson, Eteleon Ass and decided to organize their own rum — regatta. The slogan “Rum road” has become La Transat de La Liberte! — Transatlantic race freedom. These organizers stressed that their regatta can participate skippers on the yachts of any sizes and configurations. The only restriction that remains to this day age — the day of the start of the sailor must be at least 18 years of age. The athlete alone plots and drives the boat throughout the regatta. The race takes place without any call at ports.

No accident has been selected and the time of the competition. The French wanted to demonstrate to the opponents of Albion that their spirit will not shake no storms. For this reason, the event takes place in late October or November when the Atlantic is particularly restless.

First lone sailors overcome “Rum road” in 1978. Since the race is held every four years and attracts the attention of a large number of sailing enthusiasts and idle spectators: organizers of “Rum journey” from the very first regatta take care that the start and finish were clearly visible welcoming.

For almost all athletes and spectators “Rum road” race-bridging. And not only space, but also themselves. In theory, the regatta participants must pass 6560 kilometers separating Saint Malo from Guadeloupe. But the Atlantic currents and wind make their adjustments. The first “Rum road” ended with the victory of canadian Michael Birsha, which was the route in 23 days, 6 hours and 59 minutes. In 2006, the record set by Lionel Lamancha. He only 463 km had deviated from the “ideal” route and crossed the finish line in 7 days, 17 hours and 19 minutes. Experts believed that his record will last for many years, but in 2014 sailor loïc Peyron improved this result by two hours, finishing in 7 days, 15 hours and 8 minutes.

The descent of the yachts on the water not without a special ritual of “baptism”: according to the tradition on Board the ship break a bottle of champagne for good luck.

Has won the regatta and women. In 1990, faster than any “Rum road” has overcome Frenchwoman Florence Artaud. Many noted the amazing biography of Florence at the age of 17 years she was in a serious car accident, which was paralyzed. Rehabilitation took two years, however, he returned not only to life but also to the sport. In 2002, finished first Briton Ellen MacArthur. This time at the start of “Rum journey” will be released four women.

Among the favorites of many experts indicate the name of the Frenchman françois Gabaret, acting on large yachts. In 2017, he managed to set a world record in a single circumnavigation — he circled the globe in 42 days, 16 hours, 40 minutes and 35 seconds. The French call him “Kilian Mbappe sailing”. In an interview to the journalist of the radio station Europe1 Mathieu Noel Dim shared his expectations from “the Rum way-2018”: “Complexity in duration. Of course, the “Rum route” is much shorter than the voyage around the world, but that’s why this regatta will be more intense. It’s like the talk of a runner-a marathoner with Usain Bolt: can a marathoner to run a sprint? Of course, it can. But if he can do it in less than ten seconds? This is another sports discipline”.

In 2010 a record “Rum journey” set the audience — at the start marker in Saint-Malo gathered two million people. The regatta 2018 will be broadcast from home, not only thanks to numerous TV broadcasts, but with the help of produced specially for racing mobile app.

In addition, the organizers launched a “Virtual regatta” is a computer game based on “Rum journey”. According to the official website of the event, about 100 thousands of gamers around the world were ready to indulge in the game simultaneously with the start of the regatta on Sunday, November 4th.
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