“I can no longer remain silent,” Kerzhakov filmed on a hidden camera meeting with the son of a Tulip

Kerzhakov has posted a video with a hidden camera, which captured the Tulip meeting with the child.

Kerzhakov has posted a video of the last meeting Tulip with my son. The video shows a mother and her little Artemije, reports LigaNews.

“Sorry,but I can no longer remain silent. On video meeting with Artemy Milan this Saturday. Before meeting Milan asked me once to leave her alone with the child,as my presence supposedly prevents her from establishing contact with his son. The result you can see for yourself. No comments” – wrote Kerzhakov under the video.

The boy, left alone with her mother, trying to leave the room, but the door does not open. At this time Milan asks the child to approach her, but the baby cries and does not react to it.

According to counsel Kerzhakov, Tyulpanov has a mental disorder, why she refuses to undergo psychiatric and drug testing.

But the Tulip’s lawyers claim that the player is supposedly repeatedly used various drugs in his wife. Kerzhakov but the lawyers said that their client without problems will pass all the tests and pass the necessary tests.

Finally Milan Kerzhakov waited for the hearing. The meeting was held behind closed doors. According to the court the son of Artemy, while there is a divorce, will be with the mother.

However, after the trial, the child continues to live with his father. And last weekend, Alexander took the son out of town without notifying Milan. However, Tatiana Stukalova, the lawyer of the football player claims that he went for a visit and will be back soon.
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