In the United States grew a record cost of stamps

Send mail in USA has become much more expensive. The price of postage stamps made the biggest leap over the past decade: from 50 to 55 cents.

The representative of the United States post office stated that this is due to rising costs in mailing, security and wages. Although the profit from parcel delivery and raised, but not enough to offset the huge decline (by 37% from 2007) income first class mail. While the Forever stamps purchased at the old rate, can also be used.

A 10 percent increase in prices — the biggest since 1991, when the rate increased by 16% — from 23 to 29 cents.

The reaction of Americans

The majority of citizens are reluctant to accept innovations. For example, Reggie Lowe said: “This is absolutely ridiculous, but we have to pay for it”.

Mike Terrizzi from Yonkers, said that the new price per stamp is too high. Besides, added Terrisi, he had rewritten the Internet, and using email to send only account. Agree with him and Lauren Keyder from new Jersey, noting that uses only postage stamps for Christmas cards.

The cost of postage stamps in the United States rose 10% last updated: January 28, 2019 author: Vitaly Fixico
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