Robots threatened with unemployment

Automation can not in all industries, but, nevertheless, as experts of the Brookings Institution, a quarter of the available jobs will be reduced during this process.

As the head of research mark Muro, people need to think now about raising your own professional training or retraining because of the introduction of robots may with high probability lead to the discharge of 36 million people. And, most likely, will happen, because all companies are interested in the application of technologies if they reduce costs — including labor costs. Moreover, the process will not only affect the industry, because due to new developments in the field of artificial intelligence will appear, for example, automatic cash desks and reception counters in hotels.

The most “human” labor market will suffer in small towns, especially in the United States, located in the center of the country and the “rust belt” and the hardest unemployment hit young people working in the restaurant industry and others that it is possible to automate in the first place.

According to Matias Cortes, associate Professor, York University (Toronto), automation can play a positive role as it will contribute to accelerating economic development, lower prices and increased demand for manpower through the creation of new jobs. But in order for them to take, you must have the appropriate skills and therefore, their acquisition should be a priority for all who intend to build a successful career. And, as said Cortes, much will depend not only on the professional knowledge and skills, but also on personal qualities and creativity, including in the approach to solving problems. Perhaps this robots can never replace humans…
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