“Visegrad group” meets without Prime Minister: Netanyahu offended Warsaw a fact of history

Speaking on the sidelines of the conference on the Middle East in Warsaw, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu offended our host, a fact of history – he said that poles have cooperated with Hitler’s Germany.

This statement was the reason that the Polish authorities decided not to send a delegation to participate in the summit in Jerusalem after “racist” comments of the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu.

The Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki canceled his visit to Jerusalem to attend the meeting of the “Visegrad group”.

On Sunday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that “poles collaborated with the Nazis”, but “Jerusalem Post” quoted him indirectly by writing “Polish people” that actually caused a negative reaction from the Polish side. Commenting on this history, the office of the Prime Minister of Israel, issued a statement which stated that the Israeli newspaper misquoted the words of the Prime Minister.

“At the briefing, Prime Minister Netanyahu was talking about poles, not about the Polish people or the country of Poland,” the statement said.

Later journalists have made corrections in the material.

However, Poland has summoned the Ambassador of Israel Anna Azari to clarify the situation, and instead of the Prime Minister, in a meeting of the “Visegrad group” will take part the foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz.
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