William Barr approved for the position of US attorney General

Today, February 14, the U.S. Senate approved William Barr, nominated by President trump, for the position of attorney General of the United States. After signing the corresponding decree by the trump Bbl for the second time in his career, will become the attorney General of the United States.

In his speech to the Senate, Barr said that would not prevent completion of the investigation of the case of Russian interference in presidential elections in 2016, which is special Prosecutor Robert Mueller. He added that he could not yet say for sure whether the published results.

I believe that in the interests of all: of the President, Congress and, most importantly, the American people — whom it may concern to allow the special Prosecutor to bring its work to the end, “he said, calling Muller a friend who once worked for him at the Ministry of justice.

My goal will be to provide more transparency in accordance with the law, said Barr. — I can assure you that when I make decisions, I make them solely on the basis of the law and not allow any personal, political or other improper interests to influence my decisions”.

The Russian business became a stumbling block for trump and former attorney General Jeff and Roman sessions. The President demanded that he stop the investigation, and stated that he was disappointed by the work of the head of the Prosecutor General after he recused himself in control of the investigation. Until recently, the procedure was under the supervision of Deputy attorney General Rosenstein Kind, but just last week it became known that he leaves the Ministry of justice.

Last year, Barr has written to the Ministry of justice Memorandum, which spoke negatively about the special attorney investigating possible obstruction of justice by the President of the trump and claimed that it was based on “dangerous and erroneous” theories capable of inflicting serious harm to the current administration. However, during the hearing, he mostly spoke in support of the Mueller: it is likely that on this ground between him and trump may have differences.

But in another question regarding illegal immigration, the position of Barra coincides with the rhetoric of the President. In relation to this issue, which is now what is most disturbing about the administration, Barra has its own rigid position, which has been known since 1991. Then, when Republican George W. Bush Barr has also held the position of attorney General.

William Barr in 1991. Source: shutterstock

While the Bush team — Barr denied Haitians the opportunity to claim asylum. In addition, they were detained in deplorable conditions. In addition, Barr advocated the construction of barriers on the border with Mexico in areas where it was easier to cross. This has led to increasing deaths of migrants who tried to sneak into the country in more remote and dangerous routes.

Barr supervised the expansion of the border patrol and ordered the hiring of 200 criminal investigators to combat immigration and crimes committed by foreigners.

The Senate approved William Barr to the position of US attorney General updated: Feb 14, 2019 author: Katerina Moskalets

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