How to treat and feed patients in American hospitals

Tisch Hospital photo: courtesy of NYU Langone

Langone’NYU’s Tisch Hospital

In America, the world’s best doctors and medicine. This hospital with its content resembles a picture from the future. From the bed, in which more electronics than in the cockpit, to the Elevator, where a feature is made for religious Jews on Saturday: doors on each floor open on their own, without clicking, so that no one violate their prohibitions. In the cupboard — just roasted rare roast beef to lobster and exotic salads. Seeing all this, say thank you and to this country, and perfectly normal capitalism, which made these miracles possible for quite ordinary people. And getting angry at those who, living in such a Paradise, not appreciate, do not understand it, always grumbling and cursing, not knowing how wild the difference with other countries.

The hospital has many names — those philanthropists that built it. But the main name is Tish, a large Jewish family with roots in Eastern Europe. Preston and Lawrence Tisch owned CBS Corporation news, the company “Lows” with a network of cinemas, and then unwound in oil and gas, sports facilities, etc. Brothers Tish known as the fact that at his own expense built a huge hospital in new York and again to rebuilt the campus of his Alma mater — the University of Michigan in Ann arbor. There he studied French singer Joe Dassin, who was born in Los Angeles and remained an American citizen until his death.

photo: courtesy of NYU Langone

Hospital ward

Beds are massive and resemble some kind of space capsule. The mattress bends in all directions, pokachivaetsya here and there, so if you are perfectly fit and healthy, your “curvature” provided and to the maximum thought out a solution for you. The mattress about 20 cm thick. Linen from expensive, 1200-th “sample”, the Egyptian cotton which gives soft effect to the body and a pleasant aroma.

All chamber — 1 person. On 5 wards (5 patients): 1 nurse, 1 assistant nurse, 1 nurse and 2 people who washed, cleaned, moved everything I need. Every 2 hours the head nurse of the floor crawls with a list of all the wards, asking what to do and what not. Learns complaints and requests. Threatens to finger, careless workers and lovely smiles to the patients.

I said that everything is moving. All on wheels. Is the levers of control wheels that can be locked tightly. With large appliances, bed, sofa moving one finger. I suspect that made hydraulic motion mechanism as the wheel of the car. Otherwise, how is this bed in good 150 kg you can smartly move the smooth touch of a finger?

Ill go with such, as I call her, “Medusa” — hanger on wheels. On the hanger, hang IV fluids, painkiller, different compositions, etc., and 3-6 tubes going to the patient. The “Medusa” one hundredandt not at 4 and 6 legs all on wheels, with handles on the sides. Because the patient is actually behind it holding up. And since she’s 6 feet, then fall off so we should really contrive.

photo: courtesy of NYU Langone

Toilet, shower, sink in every room — your. I wonder what the toilet is made so that raised or lowered for your height. Those patients where abdominal operation, can’t really sit, because the toilet goes as they choose. Over the toilet hangs a kind (in appearance) expander spring. It turns out that it is for the elderly help to get off the push. Grab the handle hanging from the ceiling, pulled it down and the spring raises you myself. Just beyond belief! Comfortable and thoughtfully. Basic lift garage door.

On each wall — of a button and from the ceiling hang cords emergency assistance. Fell can’t get up (from a chair, off the toilet), I can not even ass wipe don’t try myself. It is dangerous. Call for help! You will pick up, wash, put on a bed or in a chair seated. It is not necessary to break the bones of the skull. If not for yourself — do not be ashamed to ask for help!!! Just pull the cord and you can run.

All of the patients in special socks, warm with rubber sole. It doesn’t slip even on water. You can walk and not fall.

Cleanliness is incredible. Can on the floor to throw a bowl of pilaf with meat and in Uzbek — hands — eat straight from the floor by the handful. I have plates not as clean as this floor.

While I was there, a nurse arrived with some robot on wheels — x-ray. Directly in bed. Helped us to position the patient, something that was a joke, something clicked. Ein, zwei, Drei — ready!

Tisch Hospital photo: courtesy of NYU Langone

Hospital food

As patients are fed is generally a separate conversation. Virtually each patient is a unique menu. Unique because one can and the other not. One kosher, the other vegan, the third Indian, and one eating grass, and the fourth without meat can not live. Because many patients, so many different meals. For those who have no diet and diet, are given a restaurant menu from which they choose what they like and they raise the order to the house from the 2nd floor where the restaurant is preparing.

All patients did not touch and did not eat, put in 4 big refrigerator. The door when I was standing there above me on a head, which is about 2 meters tall. One refrigerator for Jews and Muslims — kosher, Halal. Second refrigerator — a pure vegetarian. 2 remaining — the usual food. Open — there is 4 shelves of juices in jars. Soft drinks and soda. All kinds that you can only imagine. Then a shelf of sandwiches that patients not eating, — 6 species: Turkey, roast beef, ham, tuna salad, egg salad, balogna (something like a doctoral sausage). All neatly cut triangles, Packed individually in plastic, with a seal on top — which no one ate. Then the jars are yogurt, jelly, ice cream, parfait, assorted desserts, fresh fruit salads. Also vegetable salads. Further in the jars is intact soups. (I counted 4 species.) And finally at the bottom of an intact second: meat, fish, vegetables, etc.

The most important thing in all of this is that, in addition to juices and packaged for long-term storage of yogurts, parfaits, etc., everything else at 6 in the morning goes in the trash. So, if you are in the hospital accompanied by mishpocha relatives, they nurse even offered to taste these reserves to not throw out in vain. At least a whole shelf full of sandwiches eat — no words can tell. Will have on another floor of the same fridge with the same residues.

Tisch Hospital photo: courtesy of NYU Langone

But that’s not all!!! Next to the fridge is a hefty machine, as in such a good, expensive coffee bar. And there free offer you to drink 12 types of coffee with 7 different syrups-flavors. From almond to pistachio. I made them a Cup of cappuccino with a smell of hazelnuts. Want cocoa is close. Do you want some tea — 10 kinds of enticing wink from the shelf. And all this — as much as you want.

Tisch Hospital photo: courtesy of NYU Langone


The hospital encourages the help of relatives in the care of patients. Because in every room a sofa that unfolds in length. You are given a pillow and blanket and live next to the patient indefinitely. All this because the hospital understands better than anyone the native people can not be. It only helps put patients on their feet. For example, my mother, despite the swearing and cursing of the Pope, today, picked it up and was forced to walk in circles on the floor. Nurses applauded to her, and on the wall hangs a poster: “to Walk is very good!!!” Here is a simple and accessible logic: let the relatives helps the hospital and helps its tasks, and the hospital will be for that family to feed and give her the opportunity to sleep next to the patient.

One drawback: my mom hates American foodservice. Because on the phone they told me to bring her Russian sausage, cheese and Ukrainian bread. And the next time the Bank ordered the Ukrainian borscht with a piece of bacon (!!!) and fried smelt with potatoes. Go into a Russian store and buy whatever is hot will bring. Shovels the elderly are absolutely not used to the local cuisine, and because such savagery as extragerea sour cream (which for Americans is unheard of!) proudly STOIt in Russian stores. Triple fat — especially factory in Canada tries. Well, or bread. How did Latvian “Maple Maze” — fresh, hot, did so, began to live by orders of magnitude tastier. Well, delicacies such as dumplings, bacon, chocolate, cheese, different types of dairy products, smoked fish is everything. Without this life is not the same. It is necessary to recommend the hospital to open a Russian cafe, where they will serve ekstragiruyut sour cream in a glass, as once in the Soviet canteens.

Tisch Hospital photo: courtesy of NYU Langone

Now about the prices

Mom asked the price. If you just go and lay in bed doing nothing and not being treated in any way, — $5.7 million a day. Along with procedures, staff, etc. the price goes to $10 thousand a day. The insurance of the elderly entirely on 100% of all cases, and to pay for anything not necessary.

“Medusa” that carry patients through the corridors — costs $350.

Since my parents work and are US citizens, then after 10 years they got full access to funded medical retirement system Medicare. That is, from the taxes it collects, and then in old age used. Today is the best insurance the United States. In fact, it private because you do it yourself accumulate, but in charge of this Fund by the state. Without going into the problems and ways to solve them, nothing better is in America — and the world — came up.

All treatment of his father in the hospital, rehabilitation, doctors, after — all will be covered by this insurance. The father pays her per month is about $250 for medications and additional extraplay, who himself chose.

Hospital covered by insurance 100%, but StOhit’s expensive. It is necessary to know. I suspect that every day is costing thousands. And operations in the tens of thousands. But again and again — Medicare and especially Medicaid (free insurance for the poor) entirely cover all the bills.

That is so noticeable price difference with other developed Western countries and makes ultimately to comprehensive reform of medicine in USA. As if the fine doctors and Superonline — fullof purely bureaucratic and used moments, stupid piercings that the simplest consideration would be fixed cheap and, most importantly, effective for patients. By solving the problem of efficiency, America will get rid of a number of side issues, in particular by high prices for goods and services, inflated it hidden health supplements.

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