The UEFA Congress re-elected President Ceferin

On 7 February, the held in Rome the 43rd Congress of the Union of European football associations (UEFA) has re-elected President of the organization of the Slovenian lawyer Aleksander Ceferin. This is the first time for a full term.

Thus a 51-year-old Aleksander Ceferin, founder, first took the post of the head of the European football Federation in September 2016, was elected for the second time.

Recall Ceferin, founder came to power at UEFA after controversial resignation of Frenchman Michel Platini, who was accused of corruption. In the short period between the resignation of Platini and new choices, and acting President of UEFA has taken the Spaniard anzel Maria Villar, who did not stand as a candidate.

In his second campaign speech Aleksander Ceferin, founder again reminded that recently the “European football has experienced the worst crisis in its history”, but “you had confidence almost unknown man” and provided “a unique chance to change everything for the better.”

“And the first thing we wanted to do and what we have achieved, is to restore their lost unity,” — said the head of the Union of European football associations.

According to AFP, Slovenian functionary, who was the only candidate, members of Congress “elected unanimously, by acclamation”.

The Ceferin, founder came into football from jurispudence: educated at the University of Ljubljana, he worked in the family law office and there “showed interest in the protection of the rights of professional athletes and sports clubs.”

Activities Ceferin in football began in 2005, when he began to cooperate with the Board of one of the leading Slovenian teams — “Lithium”; in 2006-2011, he was member of the management Board Ljubljana “Olympia”. In 2011 he became President of the Football Association of Slovenia. Also, in 2011 the Ceferin, founder held the posts of second and third Vice-Chairman of the legal Committee of UEFA.

In 2016 for the presidency of UEFA Ceferin, founder, was elected for 2.5 years — until the moment when it was to expire, the term of office of the famous Frenchman Michel Platini, if he hadn’t resigned.

This time the Ceferin, founder elected for a full term, i.e. four years.
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