Zero waste and the threat of AI: how will Night ideas in Russia?

Thursday, January 31, at the Ministry of foreign Affairs of France, and in his diplomatic missions and cultural centers worldwide for the fourth time will host the annual Night ideas. Philosophers, writers, explorers, scientists and artists will participate in meetings, conferences and round tables will discuss the challenges of the modern world and offer their solutions to problems in various fields from ecology to politics.

That waits for visitors and participants of the Night ideas in Russia, told RFI audiovisual attaché of the French Institute in Moscow, Marie Your.

Marie So: “In Moscow will be discussed the issues of ecology. Around the world the Night is held under the slogan “Face to the present”, so it seemed to us logical to concentrate on the casual side of this subject. We decided to propose the subject of “Zero waste.” In this context, we have invited special speakers from France — “the Family of (almost) zero waste.” They will share their experience with guests of the event, as they managed to reduce the amount of household waste of the whole family of four with 390 kg per year! We thought it was interesting and entertaining hike to an important subject.”

“The family of (almost) zero waste” is a spouse jérémy Pichon and Benedict Sea and they had two children 8 and 11 years. In 2014 they decided to conduct an experiment and to try to live without waste. Since they changed almost all the daily rituals of cleaning the house before entertaining guests. The experiment was successful and soon, the family launched its website, which with the help of funny pictures and comics they talk about their experiences. The illustration draws itself Benedict. The profile of “green family” in instagram signed by more than 20 thousand people, and Facebook their adventures are followed by around 115 thousand subscribers. Jeremy also spoke at the TED conference. Now came the turn of Russian audience to join their experience.

But, as Marie says So, the word during the Night of ideas will be provided to the Russian side.

Marie Your “will be held the speakers working hard to ensure that the principle of “zero waste” has become a life style, as this issue is under discussion in Russia. We invited those who in everyday life adheres to this principle, as well as representatives of NGOs and associations that promote it on the larger level. Well, in order to maintain a friendly atmosphere Night ideas, we will have a buffet of “Zero waste”. All events will be live streamed on the page of the French Embassy in the social network Vkontakte. All discussions will be in French and Russian with simultaneous translation, so that everyone could take part in them”.

According to Ms. So, in the French Institute in Moscow will act as Irina koslowski of “Greenpeace” and will include a presentation of the project “Ecodar”, which is supported by the Green movement of Russia “ECA”. The project participants are working on training residents as much as urban households reasonable consumption and waste. Will also act as the representatives of the Foundation of food “Rus”. They are reducing food waste, including a transfer to charity of food that remain in supermarkets or restaurants, but can still be used.

Will Night ideas in St. Petersburg. French Institute in the “Northern capital” of Russia for the first time to this event. However, St. Petersburg January 31, will discuss a different topic — “does us artificial intelligence?”

Marie Your: “In St. Petersburg will also host conferences, performances, informal discussions. One of the main speakers will be Alex Greenbaum, a researcher of the laboratory of philosophy of science atomic energy Commission and alternative energy sources of France. He will present his book “Robots and evil.” Will perform doctoral candidate at the Sorbonne Clotilde quay, she is studying literature and explain how robotics affects this area. Finally, in the French University College of Saint-Petersburg students and teachers are also prepared reports on the sociology and philosophy related to the stated subject”.

Topics of waste reduction and artificial intelligence was chosen by the organizers of the Night of ideas in Russia is not accidental. According to the organizers, it was important to select topics not only relevant in the global context, but also the interests of Russians.

Marie Your: “Reducing waste is an important issue of daily life of Muscovites. Interest in him higher and higher. In Moscow, we found a lot of organizations interested to be a partner in a Night of ideas, ready to make a report on this topic. In addition, the French Institute in Russia would in the long term and to participate in finding solutions for sustainable development. This topic is of interest and residents of the city, so I think that in St. Petersburg will also be organized plenty of events, conferences and round tables dedicated to this environmental issue. As for artificial intelligence, the St. Petersburg partners were also very attentive and receptive to the topic. For example, in Night of ideas will be attended by the staff of the St. Petersburg national research University of information technologies, mechanics and optics. So the topics were selected including in relation to the context of each city.”

In Moscow and St. Petersburg the Night of ideas will be held on Thursday, January 31, at the French Institute. Entrance to the event is free, but requires pre-registration.
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