Under the noses of the SBU: it became known as the captain of the “Nord” is back in Crimea

Vladimir Gorbenko, the captain of the ship “Nord”, which is March 2018 illegally detained on the territory of Ukraine, is alive and well. The man is already in his native Crimea.

From the words of the captain of the “Nord”, he legitimately left the territory of Ukraine and moved to the Crimea, reports RT.

Lawyer Gorbenko said that the only dissenting party to the conflict with the Crimean captain was service of the SBU. They released him from jail on his own recognizance.

26 January Gorbenko is registered in Ukraine missing. Today only, February 11, it became known that the captain of the “Nord” in the Crimea.

Mother Gorbenko has confirmed that the son arrived home on 9 February. Said that he was not hurt and asked me not to ask too many questions.

In Ukraine information about Gorbenko has not yet been confirmed.
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