Not aliens: scientists have learned, where did Stonehenge

The builders of Stonehenge on the world masterpiece was inspired by the tribes who lived on the territory of modern France.

This opinion was voiced by a group of Swedish scientists from Gothenburg headed by archaeologist Bettina Schultz-Paulson, reports “Russian newspaper“.

A group of Swedish researchers acknowledge that today there are about 35 thousands of mysterious stone structures. But the most famous is still considered Stonehenge.

Archaeologists claim that the first stone buildings appeared in Europe on the territory of modern North-Western France. There are stone structures whose age is and 7 thousand years, which is 2.5 thousand years older than Stonehenge.

Swedish scientists have conducted studies of stone structures in Europe the last 10 years. To do this, they actively used radiocarbon analysis.

The first unusual stone structures appeared on the coast of France along the coastline of the Mediterranean sea – Atlantic ocean. It is possible that the inhabitants of Britain were so delighted with what they saw that they decided to build such a stone object.
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