Wants all the world: the United States announced a new missile agreement

USA don’t see anything illegal about that instead of the INF Treaty will be drawn up and signed a new Treaty with Russia.

This opinion was expressed by Kay Bailey Hutchison, U.S. permanent representative to NATO, the resource LIGAnews.

According to policy, today in the INF Treaty includes only the US and Russia and other countries there will not “be”. At the same time, Washington wanted to make a new contract, which would include all countries, which are armed with missiles and medium-range missiles.

Washington has always stood for the complete arms control, disarmament and non-proliferation of ballistic missiles. Hutchison said that the United States would like to draw up a new contract that would include a new country.

Washington, February 2, withdrew from the Treaty, explaining his decision by the fact that Moscow is constantly “violated” the terms of the INF Treaty.
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