Goes from “Spartacus”: Glushakov has come up with a cunning scheme to avoid paying alimony to his wife

Denis Glushakov is leaving from “Spartaka” to pay a paltry alimony to the wife.

The football player of “Spartak” Denis Glushakov was going to go to Grozny, “Akhmad” to pay minimal alimony to his wife, reports LigaNews.

The decision of the player is affected by the divorce with his wife Daria. In “Ahmad”, according to Denis, he will officially be given 30 thousand rubles, which will allow him to reduce child support amount. This became known from an audio recording published by the Telegram-channel Mash.

“Go to the terrible play, the salary will be 30 thousand rubles. How many will have to pay child support? Count. Well do you think. Yes, I will stay there. After the contract with “Spartakom” I promised him that his team will play, and I’ll be there,” says the record Glushakov (the authenticity of the recording has not yet been confirmed).

On the audio you can hear how Denis Glushakov wife threatens ties in the state Duma and promised that she would not be living neither in Moscow nor anywhere else. Glushakov also accused his wife of cheating and wrote a statement to the police. Before that, he allegedly took from her account 300 million. Cause family conflict was a betrayal of the player in September.

As previously reported LigaNews, captain of “Spartacus” Glushakov was discovered in the bath with a girl of “easy virtue.”

As previously reported LigaNews, the player is threatened with jail: Glushakov brought money in the amount of 300 million rubles. It was also reported that Glushakov even under the threat of jail continues to “confiscate” children of his wife.
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