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This conservative channel has always enjoyed sympathy from Donald trump, who, in turn, had a positive opinion here. But in the end, the President issued a critical arrow in the address of Fox News, noting that 35 days, continued until the suspension of activities of the government, the journalists did not realize what had caused the standoff with Congress.

“The reason was the construction of the “wall” and earlier, I never would have thought that Fox News do not understand. Even representatives of false CNN and NBC were more savvy,” said trump.

For my colleagues stood up presenter Julie Banderas, who said: “My colleagues John Roberts and Gillian Turner do not deserve this relationship, like any other journalists. They are doing their job — reporting facts. Their objectives did not include clarifying points of view, and therefore the White house that they cover, you would still treat them with respect.”

Later, Banderas said: “Journalists face daily criticism from a variety of viewers, but doesn’t have to please them. Moreover, it is unacceptable that the President tried to keep us on a leash is contrary to the principle of freedom of the press. If you use Twitter two of my colleagues, insulting the head of state, is equivalent to the fact that their backs painted the target, because his supporters will fall on them. But the President has no right to afford the attacks on correspondents, that’s all.”

However, some users reminded Banderas that her colleagues had already visited the representatives of many other TV stations and print publications. Trump insulted as some media and some journalists personally, such as restricting access to the event with his participation, he was still a candidate.

So it seems quite logical question that Banderas was asked on Twitter some Jen Moody: “You’re right. But where have you been the last few years? Is trump “draws a target on the backs” only when it comes to your colleagues in the channel and not about all the reporters?”. Leading assured that applies equally to all media, but the truth, these allegations did not look very convincing.

Before this skirmish, relations trump and Fox News was very good — he often thanked the channel for objective coverage of its activities, and several former TV executives went to work in the White house.

However, in November last year, the leadership publicly criticized leading Sean Hannity and Jeanine Pirro for appearing on stage with trump during the election campaign. But overall, according to CNN, after the inauguration, the President gave Fox News 41 interviews — in other words, the journalists of the TV channel met him often than by all others put together…

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