The guy was raised by a maze of sunflowers to make a proposal to your

Five months it took Devin Chapman to grow a “trap” from plants for Valerie.

A student from Illinois (USA) Devin Chapman decided to make an offer of marriage to his sweetheart, Valerie. He wanted the girl to always remember this event, and therefore broke for a long time head over what I could come up with. Came to help parents Valerie.

They have their own farm with sunflowers, so they invited the future son-in-law make it through the maze of plants. Five months, the guy grew sunflowers, so that between them formed a path of the desired shape. Look above and you can read “will you Marry me?”.

Everything is kept in strict confidence. Questions Valerie, what’s going on, they said that her boyfriend helps out around the house in the field. And then, finally, came the long-awaited for Devin day. He took Vlere by the hand and led the field in the maze. And then using the copter showed her the view from the top.

– We had the wedding talk, but that sentence will be associated with the sunflowers — I did not expect. I am pleased that were involved in this, my parents and our friends. My hands and legs shaking from happiness – quotes happy girl.

Then Devin got down on one knee and officially asked: “will You marry me?” It is easy to guess what was the girl’s answer.
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