United States does not wish to return to Syrians… Syria

United States does not intend to return East of Syria under the control of the legitimate government of this country

Damascus will never gain control of the North-Western territories of their own country. Not in those exact words, but it certainly is in the sense stated by the special representative of the Secretary of state on Syria, James Jeffrey.

This, as you can see, coincided with a minor from a strategic, but symbolic from a political point of view event. On the East Bank of the Euphrates river had been cleared of terrorists banned in Russia grouping “Islamic state” last okkupyrovaly their town.

Now the logic is simple and legally clear: if after even voluntarily taken on the task of eliminating terrorists the US remains in Syria against the will of the legitimate government, so the occupants remain in the country they are alone.

Where are the terrorists?

Of course, an informed observer would ask the question here, and Turkey. Turkish troops also occupy a number of Syrian territories, not to say that Damascus is looking at it with sympathy. However, without clearly articulated protests. In the end, the Turks do the dirty work for the Damascus — Syrian Kurds tame, a few have lost their heads “under the umbrella” of the United States. In addition, Turkey is one of the three guarantors of the Syrian conflict reconstruction, and as a guarantor of stability of the Syrian government and the regime as a whole. With all the personal hatred that divides the Turkish and Syrian leaders Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Bashar al-Assad. But once were friends…

This factual political situation around Syria objectively compels Ankara to confront Washington and here in the region in General. This, in addition to undercover secret bites and tweaks, results in a “match” US in the open mode. Thus, in the Turkish media of what is called informed sources has been a clear leak that the Americans are not just snatched surrendered in the village of Bogus of ISIS is actually from the fangs of the local militia and Kurdish fighters. For the departed in the press information did us special forces and taken “halifatchikov” on the territory of the United States military base in the vicinity of the oil field al-Omar.

Such is the touching concern for the rights of terrorists. Or own agents among their leadership? And as touching sound after this the following words of James Jeffrey: “Our objective in the North-East has not changed. They suggest the preservation of security in the region, namely, it means that we don’t want to go back there, as it is not conducive to stability”.

US goals in Syria has not changed: to preserve and save in the region of terrorists, to keep back the legitimate government!

USA + IG = stability?

This formula is not at all surprised, leading researcher of the Centre for Arab and Islamic studies, Institute of Oriental studies Boris Dolgov. In his opinion, the USA has always seen the IG as a tool, and therefore will use it and continue in the same capacity against their opponents.

And it is clear that Washington simply is obliged to keep management and the combat backbone of the terrorist group for use not only in Syriac but (now even primarily) and on other theatres of war. And not only in the middle East.

In this regard, many experts remember not only the obvious transfer of militants and weapons to them in Afghanistan, especially in the North of the country close to the borders of Russia and China. In modern times it has become a truism. Many people still like about byword is talking about recent history, when U.S. special forces freed 40 of the fighters from the Taliban prison, sacrificing even one of their own fighters.

In such actions the United States there is another circumstance, not geopolitical. The same American base near al-Omar, who became the safe haven for terrorists, “holds” all this powerful oil-rich area. For it were and are going economic and real armed fight. First, between the government forces of Syria and ISIS, then, between ISIS and the Kurds, and a year ago the us air force probombili there is a convoy of government forces heading to Damascus to restore control over the field.

It’s all about the price issue. According to the press, from the field al-Omar ISIS received up to 13 thousand barrels of oil per day. With neighbouring At-Tanaka — 17 thousand. Even selling oil via underground channels — however, well controlled by Americans — three times cheaper than world prices, the terrorists received nearly two million dollars a day. What and fought.

And after the Kurds “black” these deposits are taken away, there first appeared… the American military base! While informed observers quite confidently say that it is still produced there oil is not marketed through any official, even the American channels. The money from its sale pass on the secret budgets of the intelligence agencies, officially sesavas like organized Kurds prey. But where actually received these funds, known only to the headquarters of us intelligence.

It is clear, however, that once the Americans terrorists saved and carefully stored at their bases, have their own and to feed. As well as to arm and train for future fights. So…

However, and here the veil of secrecy lifted by the Turks. Thus, the RT TV channel quoted someone, and personally the President of Turkey: “the United States is very disappointing. Said that the fight against ISIS, and do what you did — a lot of dollars of the IG gave”. However, on another occasion — about the rescue to four hundred igilovskih fighters from Raqqa. But it is unlikely that the true policy of the United States changed in relation to feeding and maintaining in operational condition of global terrorism.

Alexander Pokrovsky, Constantinople
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