The FBI and the justice Department were discussing the offset of trump and his wiretapping

Andrew McCabe said earlier that during the execution of the duties of the Director of the FBI discussed with the heads of the Ministry of justice allow the removal of Donald trump from office in accordance with the 25th amendment. According to him, the Deputy General Prosecutor Rod Rosenstein actively supported these ideas and were asked to record conversations with the President.

McCabe shared with presenter of “60 minutes” on CBS memories, as the question “what to do” with trump was actively discussed during the week between the dismissal of the then Director of the FBI James Komi Republic and to appoint a special counsel Robert Muller. Recall that in September the New York Times reported that Rod Rosenstein offered to secretly record conversations with trump — then Rosenstein denied this information. Now, McCabe says that while Rosenstein offered many times for him to wear recording equipment at meetings with trump.

Former FBI chief McCabe, the FBI, the justice Ministry, the Prosecutor General and the members of the Cabinet secretly discussed the possibility of bias trump the 25th amendment

Also in these conversations, the parties discussed the opportunity to bring to the conversation the Vice-President and most Cabinet members to agree on joint action for the removal of tramp, in accordance with the 25th amendment.

Andrew McCabe says that has not used the equipment to record conversations with the President, but together with others was convinced that the tramp is in need of investigation. He ordered in a special way to document materials regarding trump, after the dismissal of Komi, “lest they perish”, and took action that was not stopped. Including after the dismissal of the Komi Republic, he initiated a case of trump’s attempts to counteract the investigation by Mueller, that ensured the security of documents and the investigation itself. “I was very concerned to put the case of Russia (about Russian intervention in the 2016 election) is absolutely solid, lasting ground, says McCabe. — I did a lot so that the case could not be closed or disappear overnight without a trace“.

The full interview will be on CBS this Sunday, but he already commented on Twitter trump: “Disgraced by the acting Director of the FBI’s Andrew McCabe pretends to be “poor little angel”, when in fact he was a major part of the curve of the Scandal with Hillary and “Deception with Russia” — a puppet of James Comey… Wife McCabe received BIG DOLLARS from the people of Clinton for her campaign — he gave Hillary a pass. McCabe is a disgrace for the FBI and a disgrace to our country“.

Vice-President Mike Pence today said on MSNBC that “never heard any discussion of the 25th amendment with the members of this government and would never support“. The head of the judiciary Committee of the Senate Lindsey Graham called the stories McCabe “amazing, worthy of a call to this former official to testify on Capitol hill.”

The FBI and the justice Department were discussing the possibility of bias trump the 25th amendment updated: Feb 15, 2019 author: Alexander Brezhnev

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