24-year-old resident of Florida with autism became a lawyer

Hayley moss from Florida — a lawyer. In 3 years she was able to read and make a puzzle of 100 pieces, but didn’t speak. The girl was diagnosed with autism.

The doctors warned: maybe Hayley will never be able to live alone, independently, and even more so — to get a good job. But throughout his life the girl has proved that concerns of physicians — are groundless.

24-year-old moss became the first person with an autism spectrum disorder, which he took at the law office of Florida. Currently, she leads a legal practice in Zumpano Patricios coral Gable.

At the age of 4 years she went from special education to General education program when all zagovore. After school, she continued her studies in College at the University of Florida and received a degree in psychology and criminology.

After that the girl entered the law faculty of the University of Miami. Already at the 2nd year, she held a summer internship at the firm where he now works. Permanent job she was offered before graduation in 2018.

In 2019, Haley moss passed the bar exam and was sworn in by County judge of the Miami-Dade County, Lisa Walsh.

Source: Facebook/Haley Moss

Girl specializiruetsya on health and international relations.

“When I met Hayley, I knew that she was a brilliant expert and a good man. We wanted to be the first but not the last law firm in Florida (and not only) who has taken on the job of a lawyer with autism,” said edition of the Sun Sentinel co-founder and shareholder of Zumpano Patricios Joseph Zumpano.

According to Haley moss, she wants to not only achieve success, but to inspire by their example to other autistic people.

“I hope my story was of some small help to dispel misconceptions and stereotypes about people with autism”, said Hayley.

Said she can’t live alone: a 24-year-old autistic became a successful lawyer updated: Feb 19, 2019 author: Alina Dykman
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