Tatyana Vasilyeva was removed from the new season of “Matchmakers”: “Someone I crossed the road”

Known actress Tatyana Vasileva has told that in the new season of “Matchmakers” it will be gone.

According to the publication kp.rufor reasons unknown actress Tatiana Vasilyev was expelled from the series “Matchmakers”, reports LigaNews.

“I removed it with me often. Someone I crossed the road – I don’t know who, but passed. Although the creators are very well treated me, talented people, very well write and shoot. Rare case when the Director and screenwriter of cool, with such a wonderful sense of humor. They were not against improvisation on a given topic, of course. And then something happened”, – said the actress.

Vasiliev also admitted that he had noticed a change of attitude on the set, and they were not in a good way.

As previously reported LigaNews, actress Tatyana Vasilyeva struck fans. We also know that Tatiana Vasilieva reported on her condition after injury.
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