The Kuril Islands – a native Russian land: employees VTSIOM began polling local residents – details

Experts from VTSIOM, February 12 arrived in the Southern Kuril Islands with the purpose of the survey the ownership of the island. The survey will take only those residents of the island who have registered.

VTSIO will pay attention to the largest island of the Kuril Islands Iturup, the resource LIGAnews with reference to “the First channel“.

The essence of the survey will be to ensure to find out once and for all, the opinion of the inhabitants living on the island of Iturup. On the island will work of about 10 people to the polls.

The take part in the survey all the island’s residents having a permanent record and who is 18 years old.

Valeria Vesicula, a resident of Etorofu, admitted that the island has always been a “Russian land” and to live in a part of Japan she wouldn’t.

Today, February 13, VTSIOM staff will visit Shikotan and Kunashir. At the beginning of next week will be announced the results of a poll.
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