A new find in Greenland: the ice is permafrost found 36-foot deepening frames

Representatives of the research world was able to witness in the permafrost zone of a powerful anomaly.

According to preliminary information, the incident took place in Greenland. It should be noted that scientists have been able to find another crater, with massive dimensions. About it reports the edition Liga news Russia.

Before in Greenland found a glacier the size of Paris.

The giant crater left by the great meteorite that fell in the distant past. Estimates say that the depths of the mysterious formation is equal to 36 meters, making the deepening of one of the most enormous entities on the Blue planet.

The former hypothesis States that the majority of artifacts or evidence of the fall of asteroids, meteorites or other space bodies could not be found due to erosion of the upper layers of the ice thickness. But with the discovery of the first crater, scientists realized that their assumption is wrong. All cavities, according to scientists, left in Greenland, may be left in different time periods.

That is why it was decided to more thoroughly examine the topographic map of Greenland, to prepare the ground for new scientific experiments.
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