USA: international sociologists call a country that is afraid of Russia

Sociologists group, the Pew Center has decided to conduct a survey among residents of different countries to find out which state has no sympathy for Russia.

Altogether, 27 thousand people from different parts of the world, reports “Moskovsky Komsomolets“.

The results of the survey showed that Poland doesn’t like Russia, but the Germans were more loyal than was previously assumed.

More than 50% of inhabitants of Poland spoke negatively about Russia, I think Moscow threat No. 1. 48% of the US population see Russia as a threat to their national security. 37% of Germans are afraid that Russia will be able to go to war with them. With 45% of the population see a real threat in the United States and the foreign policy of Donald trump.

Interesting fact that 66% of people in Japan also saw a real threat to the entire world namely the USA.

But the Chinese dislike South Koreans (82%). In Japan, 69% of residents see a threat to their national security from the PRC.

Unfortunately, the international experts did not conduct a survey on the territory of Ukraine.
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