YSRC sweeps civic bodies in Godavari districts

KAKINADA: The ruling YSR Congress made a clean sweep of all 14 civic bodies, including 10 municipalities and 4 nagara panchayats in East and West Godavari districts. It bagged all 30 wards in Tuni Municipality. In Amalapuram Municipality Jana Sena won two wards more than TD with six but did not open its account in seven civic bodies. Bharatiya Janata Party had to rest content with one ward in Kovvuru Municipality.

YSRC secured 218 wards spread mover 10 municipalities in East Godavari whereas TD had to settle for 34 and Jana Sena eight while four went to independents.

Local legislator Dadisetty Raja can take credit for the Tuni sweep, which is a major setback for TD leader Yanamala Ramakrishnudu. YSRC won 15 unanimously and an equal number for which elections were held.

Although former Amalapuram MLA Ayithabathula Ananda Rao had grand plans for Amalapuram Municipality in the hope that TD would win, the party managed only four wards while YSRC won in 19 wards.

In Gollaprolu nagara panchayat, the YSRC secured 18 wards and TD the remaining two. Contrary to the expectations of a close fight in Mandapeta Municipality, the campaigning undertaken by former Ramachandrapuram MLA Thota Trimurthulu, fetched 22 wards to YSRC with TD succeeding only in seven wards with one going to an independent. In Mummidivaram, YSRC won 14 and TD the remaining six.

The ruling party bagged 26 wards, TD two and Jana Sena one ward in Peddapuram Municipality. All efforts of TD leader Nimmakayala China Rajappa went in vain.

The YSRC won 20 wards, TD six and four went to independents in Pithapuram Municipality.

Social Welfare Minister Ch. Srinivasa Venugopala Krishna helped YSRC pocket 24 wards in Ramachandrapuram municipality while it was one each for TD and Jana Sena. Two independents also triumphed.

Of the 31 up for grabs in Samalkot Municipality, YSRC won 29 wards and TD was restricted to two. As many as 16 wards were won by YSRC in Yeleswaram nagara panchayat while the remaining four went in favour of TD.

In West Godavari district, the ruling party secured 15 wards and Telugu Desam seven while BJP bagged one ward in Kovvuru municipality. YSRC bagged 24 wards in Narasapuram municipality and Telugu Desam got one ward. Jana Sena bagged four wards while independents triumphed in two wards. In Nidadavolu Municipality, YSRC pocketed 27 wards leaving one to Telugu Desam. In Jangareddygudem Municipality, YSRC won 25 wards, while TD took home three and Jana Sena took one ward.

The ruling YSRC secured 91 wards, TD 12, Jana Sena five, BJP one and two independents out of 111 wards in West Godavari district.



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