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The survey showed Hill-HarrisX, only 13% of respondents supported the introduction of so-called system of “Medicare for all”, while the cancellation of plans offered by private companies.

At the same time, the majority — 32% — believes that universal public insurance should exist in parallel with the private, which, however, in this case, it will play only a supporting role. 26% believe that the state system should not become a competitor to private and 15% that the government should not have to repay the cost of treatment, and 14% are quite happy with current rules.

Representatives of both parties have not decided what is to be the policy in the health sector. For example, the Democrats generally advocate that the insurance was available to all citizens, but did not come to a consensus on how to achieve this goal. So, Senator Bernie Sanders, who actually first developed the system of “Medicare for all” advocates an almost complete abolition of private insurance, which may be paid services that are not vital — in particular, plastic surgery. His colleagues Sherrod brown, Kamala Harris and Kirsten Gillibrand also advocate the expansion of Medicare, albeit not dramatic, but it is difficult to say whether the Treasury has the means to implement even the limited proposals.

In turn, conservatives and libertarians have long been insisting that the government completely eliminated from regulation of the health sector, however, this view has never enjoyed great popularity. And now, as shown by a survey conducted in November last year, the Washington Post and ABC News, those who trust the Democrats the issues involved on 16 points more than the supporters of the approaches proposed by Republicans. Even among conservative voters, according to Hill-HarrisX, 53% are not against the creation of universal national insurance in one form or another, and only 21% happy with the situation.
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