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“Democrats are preparing to overthrow the American President. Highly valued the chances of Joe Biden, but he is slow in nominating his candidacy,” they write on the pages of the German edition of Handelsblatt Annette Mauritz and Moritz Koch.

Joe Biden, a member of the Democratic party, he served as Vice-President under President Barack Obama. “While Biden has not made an official statement, but a tour in support of his book attracts the audience, and his team for several months collecting donations and recruiting staff. Says a lot about what Biden will dare to try again. He participated in the presidential campaigns twice, both times failed. (…) In 1988, he was still too inexperienced to win intra-party competition. In 2008, he faded against the bright background of Obama” – indicates the edition. However, according to the journalists, if he is in 2016, made a third attempt, today, the world might have been different. “The tedious debate about how dependent the American President from the Kremlin, stunning photographs of migrant children in cages, the moral bankruptcy, the loss of American political credibility – maybe all this would never have happened?”, wonder, Mauritz and Koch.

The incident Biden cannot change, but can change what will happen in the future. In Washington expect that Biden will soon announce the desire to nominate his candidacy in the presidential elections from the Democrats. (…) According to polls, he has a good chance to win in the primaries and win over trump. (…) With the name of Biden pin hope for a return to rationality and decency.

Judging by the description of Biden’s people from his entourage, is a man driven not only unremitting lust for power. “Without excessive pathos can say that Biden feels obliged. Nearly four years ago at the age of 46 years died, his eldest son, Joseph Robinette “Beau” Biden, – writes the edition. In his book, “Promise me, dad,” Biden describes the conversations between him and his terminally ill son. “Once he said that it is my duty to participate in elections, my responsibility”, – stated in the book”.

“Grief has deprived Vice-President of the force for his nomination. But today, – noted, – everything is different. Biden feels strong enough to do what I was expecting from him Bo. As they say people close to him, Joseph R. Biden came to the conclusion that he is able to do what can no longer make any Democrat to reconcile plagued by internal conflicts, the United States of America. (…) Whether Biden has a chance to unite America?”.

“About to go down in history as the unifier of imagined Obama – tell, Mauritz and Koch. – However, he has become a symbol of division. (…) Friendly rituals in politics Obama believed the senseless and revolting. Biden, on the contrary, for 44 years has developed ties in Washington in their network lured he and the Republicans. What you accuse his critics, in the times of radicalization in the trump can be an advantage. It is these Republicans, his old friends, who never found the courage to speak out against trump, allegedly begged him in private conversations to challenge Trump. At least so says Biden his Trustees”.

“His supporters hope that Biden can bring back those voters that the Democrats lost Trump: white working class” – indicates the edition.

Of course, Biden is and vulnerable to attacks from opponents, said Handelsblatt. It is not only age (in the case of his election as President Biden will be 78 years old), he also “meets other criteria yesterday: he’s white, male and veteran of the Washington power elite. Biden needs to adjust to what it will be attacked as a representative of the past.”

Almost cult status reached meanwhile, Democrat Beto O’rourke, the publication continues. He won the hearts of the rest of his “brave, albeit unsuccessful in the end, campaign against Republican Ted Cruz in a conservative Texas.” “In November O Rourke met Obama, and, to the delight of fans of Beto, the ex-President was encouraged by his idol to participate in the elections.”

“Yet Biden and O’rourke delay with the announcement of the nomination of his candidacy. It is possible that in the end everything will end with a deal, I guess the authors. – Biden way or another, could qualify only for one term. (…) Thus he would have performed his duty. For Beto O’rourke’s election would remain in 2024 and may be, preceding Vice-President.”

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