The man found out who brought him by night mail, and was surprised

The American decided to find out all about the night postman, and what was his surprise when he found out who it was.

James Eubanks from North Carolina all last week received correspondence. Moreover, he found the newspaper on the lawn in the early morning. And this despite the fact that Gasm anything that was not signed, but someone persistently dragged and dragged him to the press. And every day the Newspapers became more and more. Across sometimes and handbooks.

So he decided to find out who this night the postman. Put the camera. Looked this morning and could not believe my eyes. It turned out that the newspaper he carries a Fox. Yes not one, but a “criminal group,” according

“Here’s today’s delivery from foxes to nine phone books and ten papers.” — I wrote to James on his page in social networks, expressing concern that to stop the “postmen” do not intend to. And asked the American why he chose predator?

Alas, this is not the only question that remained after James learned all about “the postman”. There was another – what to do with all this correspondence?
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