The investigative Committee has not confirmed the mother’s version of decl on the cause of death of the artist

The mother of Cyril Tolmatsky sure that her son died from a surge, but the Investigating Committee of Udmutria is unable to agree with her.

As reports the edition “the“, the Investigative Committee is still unknown the cause of death of popular singer and musician, decl, therefore it cannot be said, what has died the actor, reports LigaNews.

Mom tragically deceased artist believes that her son did not cope with high load.

“Cause of death – overload. In the last six months has written 2 albums. When some complained that the hand was sick and foot”, – said Irina Tolmatsky.

The woman is sure that He could not die due to intake of illegal substances or alcohol. According to her, forensic examination showed the absence of alcohol in the blood.

As previously reported LigaNews, fans cornered father decl three questions. We also know that the father decl apologized to my son on the 9th day after his death in front of thousands of spectators.
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