Came from defunct countries: 65 years ago in Japan arrested a man from the country Taured

In the scientific world told of the mysterious incident, which took place about 65 years ago.

As was found in a Japanese airport was the man who indignant tone tried to return to his native abode. As soon as an indignant representative of the stronger sex has provided an identity document, it turned out that he was from Taured state. About it reports the edition Liga news Russia.

First Asian state occupied the failures.

The appearance of the passports seemed genuine, so there was no doubt in the integrity of the customer airlines. Then immediately he was sent for further questioning by law enforcement officers. According to a mysterious stranger,his country is located on the territory bordering with the French and the Spaniards.

Moreover, the resident Toured repeatedly dwelt on the urgent request of the head of the trip to the Japanese coast. The man is well-spoken in French and Japanese, which confirmed the authenticity of the traveler.

Occupant unknown country settled in a local hotel, but the morning didn’t have any leads about his stay. The only way for the stranger was escaping from the window of a multistory building.
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