“Awesome,” Musk said 18-year-old driver from Stavropol to its invention by the Russian- personnel

Recently the TV channel “NTV” published in Network video, where craftsman from Stavropol goes back on their “Lada”. Elon Musk not only appreciated the video, but responded to the driver in Russian.

On his official page in Twitter inventor and CEO of SpaceX posted a video with a driver from Stavropol, the resource LIGAnews.

The journalists of “NTV” not only posted the video, but directly turned to a Mask with the question: “How do you like that, Elon Musk?”

American post wrote in Russian: “Haha, awesome”.

As it became known later, the driver was 18-year-old resident of Nevinnomyssk. The traffic police announced that the guy has independently made changes to his car and, contrary to all rules of the road, went on the road. The traffic police have already made on the driver “the Zhiguli” three administrative Protocol and conducted “a cautionary conversation”.

The ex-girlfriend of Mask singer Grimes recently posted a video that sings the Yankees Dyagilevo “my Sorrow is light”.
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