Yachtsman Francis Joyon won the regatta “Rum road”

11th transatlantic race yachtsmen-single “Rum road” (Route du Rhum) ended with the victory of skipper Francis Guiana. It is not only the first reached the shores of Guadeloupe, but also set a new record. The competition Guyon overcame the distance in 7 days, 14 hours and 21 minutes, almost an hour improving the previous record holder Loic of Parana installed in 2014.

For almost the entire race was in the lead 35-year-old yachtsman françois Gabaret, who was called a favorite “Rum way-2018”. 62-year-old skipper, Guyon held onto him. Athletes managed to break away from a group of pursuers and give the spectators an exciting finish the time trial. The result is a fierce struggle, Guyon managed to cross the finish line 7 minutes before the opponent.

Guion, participated in the “Rum route” since 1990, however, he never managed to be among the first. His victory seemed unlikely for another reason: the skipper went to start the boat 12 years ago, while a significant portion of the participants went into the race on the yacht of the new generation.

Here’s how he sailor described his journey: “It was a great adventure. 7 or 8 times I had to align its a very stable boat, perhaps, the most sustainable across the group. But she repeatedly tilted at an angle of 45 degrees. Had to rebuild to get back to the normal position. The conditions were still very heavy. I understand why there was a lot of damage – the water was very restless, as if specially in order to break the ships. I had a lot of minor problems that I gradually decided, but when you set sail on a yacht, which has seen a lot, the advantage is that everything that could break already broken. So a yacht, ultimately, stable.”

Specified after the competition, the question of whether it does not hurt you to lose if you were leading the whole race, françois Gabaret said: “If to speak about injustice, it was possible even before the start to say: “Everything is fair, the boat accelerates to same speeds, some faster than others”. But each of us had their cards. Francis did a perfect race, he could perfectly take advantage of its benefits. His yacht was absolutely reliable. But it should control it!”.

In turn, Guion also with great respect spoke about the opponent: “I would Like to tell him that I hope that quickened his journey through the “Rum route”. Although in reality the opposite is true. Francois — one of the sailors of the new generation that I admire. I admire his qualities, skills and kindness. So to compete with him was an honor”.

After Guyana and Envelope finished 50-year-old Tom Covill. The winners were awarded 50, 25 and 15 thousand euros, respectively, depending on positions on the podium.
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